Letter: Oravec as mayor would be an asset to Port St. Lucie
Glenna Brunelle • Sunday, 02/09/14
Letter: I know what mayor's job entails, and know Oravec is right for it
Robert_Minsky • Posted 03/30/14
Letter: Oravec should be PSL mayor
Arthur_Nagy • Sunday, 03/16/14
Letter: Meeting Greg Oravec convinced me of his ability
Nora_Klein • Sunday, 04/06/14
Letter: Tale of two Port St. Lucie mayoral candidate interviews, and why we support
• Robert Calderin • Sunday, 04/13/14
Letter: Mayoral candidate Oravec transparent, experienced, uniquely qualified
Christine_Richards • Sunday, 04/20/14/
Letter: Oravec clear choice to be Port St. Lucie's next mayor
Jeff_Harkcom • Sunday, 04/27/14
Letter: I'm voting for Greg Oravec because I've seen him in action
Joseph_Diskin • Sunday, 05/25/14
Letter: Great first impression left by Oravec is sure to be lasting as mayor
Noreen_Carmody • Sunday, 06/01/14
Letter: Oravec is right choice for mayor
Jack_Jennings • Sunday, 06/15/14
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Letter: Why I quit race; Oravec deserves to be Port St. Lucie mayor
Christopher_J_Gilfillan • Sunday, 06/29/14
Letter: Oravec's dedication shows he's correct choice for mayor
Arthur B. Nagy • Sunday, 07/20/14
Letter: Oravec wouldn't need on-the-job training
Glenna Brunelle • Saturday, 07/26/14
Letter: Oravec has every attribute to become great mayor for Port St. Lucie
Joe Lowry • Sunday, 07/27/14
Letter: Oravec easy to spot -- the candidate with his sleeves rolled up
Russell Qualliotine • Sunday, 08/03/14
Letter: No question Oravec is best candidate for Port St. Lucie mayor
Bobby Calderin • Sunday, 08/03/14
Letter: I witnessed Oravec's development into keen city leader
Charles Scurr, Miami • Friday, 08/08/14
Letter: Oravec's concern about animal welfare earned my vote
Sandy Wilson • Sunday, 08/10/14
Letter: Port St. Lucie needs Oravec's personal touch as its mayor
Diane Cox • Sunday, 08/10/14
Letter: Oravec is among the best and the brightest
Dr. Michael J. Salerno • Sunday, 08/10/14
Endorsement: Treasure Coast Builders Association - Political Action Committee
Jeffrey Bowers TCBA PAC • Tuesday, 08/12/14
Letter: Oravec exemplifies public service
John V. Klosterman • Tuesday, 08/19/14
Letter: Oravec offers resident hope
Michael Harrison • Tuesday, 08/19/14
Letter: Oravec most qualified choice
Robert Minsky • Saturday, 08/16/14
Letter: Oravec presents postive campaign
Pamela Kay • Saturday, 08/16/14
Letter: City Hall follies can cease
Larry Breault • Saturday, 08/16/14
Letter: Oravec brings experience
Norm Levesque • Saturday, 08/16/14
Letter: Oravec is mayor city needs
Charlie D'Agata • Saturday, 08/16/14
Letter: New kind of thinking and Oravec needed
David Brigida • Saturday, 08/16/14
Letter: Oravec listens, Faiella lacking
Felix Sanabria • Friday, 08/15/14
Letter: Positive change on the horizon
Raymond Chladny • Friday, 08/15/14
Letter: RIght time for Mayor Oravec
Jack Kelly • Friday, 08/15/14
Endorsement: Treasure Coast Builders Association - Political Action Committee
Maddie Williams TCBA  • Tuesday, 08/12/14
Letter: Don’t settle for politics as usual in race for Port St. Lucie mayor
Gregory J. Oravec • Thursday, 08/21/14
Letter: Stunned by Volunteerism
Dolores Albright • Thursday, 08/21/14
Letter: Edge in no position to cast stones
Pamela Kay • Sunday, 08/24/14
Letter: Oravec is all in when it comes to PSL's best interests
Judy Williams • Sunday, 08/24/14
Letter: Oravec is the candidate for mayor with the skill set and the voter support
Robert Calderin •Sunday 09/21/14
Letter: Faiella couldn't be bothered, but Oravec came over to help
Judith Hahn •Sunday 09/28/14
Letter: Results of Realtor Candidate Screening - Realtors® of St Lucie, Inc
Staci A. Storms, CEO • Wednesday, 07/02/14
Editorial endorsement: Port St. Lucie mayor
By Editorial Board • Sunday, 08/03/14
Editorial endorsement: Port St. Lucie mayor
By Editorial Board • Friday, 10/03/14
Letter: Quite Positive With Oravec
Eric Olson • Saturday 10/11/14
Letter: Oravec Attentive To City's Needs
Arthur B. Nagy •Saturday 10/11/14
Letter: Electing Oravec Very Important
Donna & Ron Swift •Saturday 10/11/14
Letter: Sunshine Law - Outcome of Expensive For Public
John Corzine • Monday, 05/19/14
Letter: Oravec Vote Makes Sense
Marvin Bethune •Sunday 10/19/14
Letter: Own Descriptions Quite Telling
Ken Battcher •Wednesday 10/22/14
Letter: Time For City To Move Along
LouAnn Scram • Thursday 10/23/14
Letter: Can't Justify Fiaella Errors
Tiffany Goodwin • Thursday 10/23/14
Letter: Bad Experience; Vote For Oravec
Maggie Whyte • Thursday 10/23/14
Letter: End Black Eyes; Vote For Oravec
Michael Bernard • Friday 10/24/14
Letter: Bring Positivity To Our City
JoAnn Rivera-Calderin • Friday 10/24/14
Letter: Fix Environment At City Hall
Shirley Conti • Friday 10/24/14
Letter: League Debate Hurts Incumbent
Friday 10/24/14
Letter: Top Candidate Hands Down
Steve Peeples • Friday 10/24/14
Letter: City Needs Great Change
Denise Brittain • Saturday 10/25/14
Letter: Excited gain About PSL
JoAnn Turner • Saturday 10/25/14
Letter: Good Call In Endorsing
Kenneth L. Batcher • Saturday 10/25/14
Letter: Righting Path Oravec's Task
Howard G. Brown • Saturday 10/25/14
Letter: Oravec Embodies Positive For Port St. Lucie
Lisa Carlson Sunday 10/26/14
Letter: Oravec Right To Reorganize Port St. Lucie Police
Rosemary Elliott • Sunday 10/26/14