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Highlighted Accomplishments from 2014-2018

  • The Crosstown Bridge is under construction and on schedule to be complete in November 2019.
  • Cut our City’s debt 25% from its peak and lowered the property tax rate two years in a row.
  • Changed our local regulations so that a Digital Domain or VGTI can never happen in PSL again.
  • Focused our economic development efforts on growing existing local businesses and industry sectors, as reflected in the expansions of
    Expert Shutters, A&G Concrete Pools, City Electric and Tradition Medical Center, and on partnering with St. Lucie Public Schools to
    improve our education system.  Our unemployment rate has plummeted and is now hovering around 4%.  
  • Lowered our already low crime rate by 24%, further enhancing our “safest large city” status.  
  • Broken ground on the McCarty Ranch Water Quality Project, which will keep up to 9 billion gallons of freshwater discharges per year
    out of the St. Lucie River and Indian River Lagoon.
  • Increased accountability, transparency and public participation through our strategic planning process; award-winning
    Communications Department, City University and Forum on Race Relations & Inclusion; re-establishment of the Budget Advisory
    Committee and Public Art Advisory Board; and the introduction of an annual Citizen Summit and scientifically valid Citizen Survey.
  • Built miles of sidewalks pursuant to a revised Sidewalk Mater Plan and increased our investment in repaving pursuant to a Paving
    Master Plan.
  • Begun a comprehensive neighborhood improvement and beautification program, as highlighted by the neighborhood naming
    initiative, decorative utility box wraps, landscaping projects and fitness stations.  
  • Renewed our parks master planning effort as highlighted by opening Boat Ramp Park, constructing Woodland Trails Park and
    starting development of Winterlakes Park and the much-anticipated Riverwalk Park, which will feature waterfront dining, boat
    docks, an extension of the existing boardwalk, historic structures and new recreation facilities.
Dear PSL,

Serving you as mayor has been one of the great honors of my life.  The last three and a half years haven’t been without their challenges,
but I hope you are proud of how far we have come since 2014.  We have:  a project nearly 40 years in the making, the Crosstown Bridge,
under construction and on track for completion in November 2019; cut our debt by 25% from its peak; lowered our tax rate the last two
years in a row; made the safest large city in Florida even safer; overseen an economic resurgence that has created thousands of jobs
and dropped our unemployment rate to 4%; broken ground on the McCarty Ranch Water Quality Project; adopted new sober home
regulations; built miles of sidewalks; and much more.  Perhaps even more importantly to our long-term success, the City Councilmembers
you elected at the end of 2016 joined with the Vice Mayor and I, and a newly appointed City Manager, to form a real team, one whose
sole focus is on making Port St. Lucie the best it can be—a safe, beautiful, and prosperous City for All People.  

To bring this vision to life, here at City Hall and across our more than 120 square miles, your City team and I are dedicated to carrying
out a strategic plan that is updated every year based upon your input (www.cityofpsl.com/strategic-plan).  A critical aspect to our success
is and will continue to be measuring our performance through objective indicators, reporting our results to you, our citizens, and
improving continuously.  This professional approach to improving our community has put Port St. Lucie on the right track, enabling our
recent accomplishments and positioning us to achieve some of our most important goals.

With these goals and our future in mind and after discussions with my family and many of you, I am excited to announce my candidacy for
mayor.  I am seeking re-election in the hope that we can continue this journey together, accomplishing the following goals and much more
over the next four years:  

  • The repurposing of the VGTI Building as part of a greater blossoming of the Tradition Jobs Corridor.
  • The restart of construction at City Center and the beautification of the US 1 corridor, which could be timed to coincide with the
    opening of the Crosstown Bridge, as part of the City’s renewed thrust to redevelop eastern Port St. Lucie.  
  • Continued reduction of our debt and lowering of our property tax rate.
  • The implementation of a major infrastructure plan that includes improvements to St. Lucie West Boulevard, Floresta Drive, Port St.
    Lucie Boulevard South, sidewalks, citywide repaving and water quality projects.
  • Additional intergovernmental cooperation that results in further improvements in education, including school safety and expanded
    career technical training, and transportation.  
  • Completion of the Riverwalk Park.  
  • The construction of new parks, including ball fields, as set forth by a Parks Master Plan.

I hope that our recent successes and many opportunities give you a sense of pride in our community and an even greater sense of
optimism about our future.

I hope that I can continue to count on your support.  Let’s stay on track.  Let’s keep moving forward.  Our future is brighter than ever!

Your mayor,


To join the Election Team or to contact me regarding campaign issues, please do not hesitate to e-mail greg@oravecformayor.com or call 772-342-6072.

Paid by Gregory J. Oravec for Mayor
Re:  The 2018 Campaign

Dear PSL,

As you may know, noon, June 22, 2018, was the deadline for qualifying as a candidate for many of our local elected offices, including
Mayor of Port St. Lucie.  While this race has historically attracted four or more candidates, including six in 2014 and 10 in 2010, I am very
pleased (honored, grateful and more) to report that I am the only qualifying candidate and will be unopposed in the general election.  As a
result, our re-election campaign for Mayor, which was filed on May 4 and more publicly announced on May 16, is now complete.

I would like to thank our citizens, friends, team members and, of course, my loving family for their continuing support and for making such
quick work of the candidate petition.  You completed that task in about a week, and I believe that is just the latest indication (of many) that
I am blessed to have the best team of supporters a candidate could ever have.  I would also like to thank all of the citizens who so
generously made financial contributions to the campaign, not even waiting for a kick-off party.

Please know that I am extremely honored and grateful for our community's continuing support and for the opportunity to continue to work
with you, our citizens, and team on making our city the best it can be.  I am glad that our team will continue to include Councilwoman
Morgan, who is also unopposed; and while it is up to you and all registered voters to decide, I am hoping that Vice Mayor Martin will
rejoin us by way of a landslide in August.  

We have come a long way in a short time; but, I believe we're just getting started.  Let's stay on track; let's keep moving forward; and let's
make our next four years something to be proud of by continuing to work as hard as we can on implementing our strategic plan (www.

We’re building something special in PSL—a safe, beautiful and prosperous City for all people.  Thank you for being part of it, and thank
you for allowing me to continue to serve you as mayor.

As always, if you would like to brainstorm a better Port St. Lucie, please do not hesitate to contact me.  

With gratitude, I am

Very truly yours,