Oravec Campaign Platform (a living plan)
Setting a Course for Prosperity
One simple but profound idea (mission)
Let’s be the best we can be.
It’s up to us to work together to define what this idea
means to us as a community; but, after 12 years of
working as hard as I can with the community to make Port
St. Lucie a better place, I would like to share some of the
ideas I have heard over and over again, the ideas which
have helped me form the following thoughts on what the
best Port St. Lucie could be.
Let’s live up to our motto of being a City for All
Ages by becoming a City that you never have to
leave, a place where you can pursue happiness
with purpose regardless of where you are on your
voyage through life.
Don’t worry. You can still go on vacation; but, wouldn’t it
be great if in addition to living and playing, more people
could work, learn and shop here?
How do we achieve this Vision? Honoring Core
Values, Goal Setting, Hard Work, Accountability
and Achievement.
Core Values
We must restore and honor our core values, which
guide us: Excellence, Integrity, Service, Civility,
Let’s start with the basics and build from there. Let’s:
Be an award‐winning safe, clean and beautiful city with the lowest possible
tax rate. Let’s never be cheap or extravagant. Let’s provide the best value, the
intersection of quality and price. Let’s provide the “Good Life” at great value.
Reduce our debt and make smart investments in our quality of life leveraging
grants and private investment wherever possible.
Convert opportunities presented by Tradition Studios and City Center. Let’s
use investments already made to create new jobs.
Partner with surrounding communities and all interested parties to create
jobs; capture the full potential of regional assets like the Port, Airport and
Tradition Field; improve our schools; promote a university; and preserve our
agricultural and natural areas,
especially the River and Lagoon.
If we can deliver on Goals 1 and 2, live by our core values and we continue to enjoy our innate
strengths of location and climate, bigger goals will also be realized.
These are only four goals; but, if we succeeded in achieving them,
wouldn’t we be profoundly better, wouldn’t we be proud of our Port St.
Lucie? Our mission, vision, core values and goals will not happen on
their own. It’s going to take you; it’s going to take us, a united
community working together; and it’s going to take a lot of hard work;
but, it can happen. I believe it will happen, and I believe our time is now.
Our Vision
Transparency, Honesty & Accountability. Living up to these core values
will help give us the credibility required to achieve, form partnerships
and, ultimately, to lead our community to our shared Vision.
2628 SE Morningside Boulevard, Port St. Lucie, FL 34952
(772) 342.6072   •   Greg@OravecForMayor.com
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