As a student at the University of Miami
from 1992-1996, I didn’t have the
resources for a car.  I did, however, have
a best friend who hailed from Port St.
Lucie.  As a result, on many holidays and
long weekends, I would make the trip
upcoast with him, and we would fish, surf
and play volleyball until it was time to go
How I arrived in Port St. Lucie...
After graduating college, I
began my career and, later,
my family.  Port St. Lucie was
a fond but distant memory;
but, then, 9/11 happened and,
less than a month later, my
mom’s seemingly healthy
husband died suddenly of a
heart attack.  These two
events really made me think
about how little time I was
spending with my wife and
newborn son as I worked to
get ahead and commuted
back and forth between
Broward and Miami-Dade
counties.  Accordingly, I
started looking for professional
opportunities which would also
provide our young and
growing family with a better
quality of life; and, what I
Our family bought our first house in Port St. Lucie just east
of Floresta Drive and north of Thornhill Drive.  We were able
to purchase a 3/2/2 with a pool and fireplace for about 25%
less than for what we sold our 2/1 with no garage in
Pembroke Pines.  When we moved into our PSL dream
home, there were no traffic signals between our house and
City Hall!  While we moved to a bigger house to keep up
with our growing family, our roots have grown deeper.  There
is no question that Port St. Lucie is our hometown, and we
hope to keep it that way!  
time to go back to school.  While it seemed that there was
only a McDonald’s in St. Lucie West and the well water
made me worry my blonde hair would turn orange, I fell in
love with Port St. Lucie and the region.  
found was a job posting for the City of Port St. Lucie’s
Community Redevelopment Agency.  After several months
and interviews, I was selected as the City’s Community
Redevelopment Agency Manager, beginning my service to
the City in 2002.
2628 SE Morningside Boulevard, Port St. Lucie, FL 34952
(772) 342.6072   •
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